M Prakash, Joshi
2013 Research Scholar An International Refereed e-Journal of Literary Explorations   unpublished
The term Communication is derived from the Latin 'communico' which means to share. It means to share the information or to share and interact with others what one knows. To be successful in any field one needs to know and understand how to communicate effectively. English has been acknowledged as one of the most significant languages in India. Globally it is established as the language of commerce, diplomacy, administration and higher education. Moreover, English is a language of opportunities
more » ... nd success for life in India. So, it has become essential in higher education to ensure that all the learners possess good communication skills. In the emerging globalized world, to transmit ideas from one person to another, it is required to have an excellent command over the communicative skills in English. If the language learners are unable to share their knowledge with others, they will remain unnoticed and unrewarded. We know it very well that our existing teaching approaches and methods develop in the learners just the ability to compose correct sentences. In fact, we do not communicate just by composing sentences of different kinds, but by using sentences to perform a variety of different acts, describe, record, classify and so on, or to ask questions, make request, give order, seek information etc. So, the chief aim of teaching a language is to develop all the four basic language skills-the LSRW skills, which are the keys to unlock the doors to success. Employers are also voicing their concerns about the need for better LSRW skills among the learners. When students graduate from the college and become real professionals, most of them are unable to communicate in English because of lack of exposure, lack of usage etc. So keeping the present scenario in view, an attempt should be made to teach the language skills insisting more on learner centered education. Thus, LSRW training is essential for any undergraduate learner. The present