An Efficient Early Frame Breaking Strategy for RFID Tag Identification in Large-Scale Industrial Internet of Things

Zhiyong He, Hanguang Luo
2021 Scientific Programming  
With the increase in the number of tags, an efficient approach of tag identification is becoming an urgent need in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). However, the identification performance of existing Aloha-based anticollision schemes is limited when the initial frame size is seriously mismatched with the actual tag population size. The performance will degrade further when IIoT is deployed in the error-prone channel environment. To optimize the identification performance of RFID system in
more » ... n error-prone channel environment, we propose an efficient early frame breaking strategy based anticollision algorithm (EFB-ACA) with channel awareness. The EFB-ACA divides the whole tag identification process into two phases: convergence phase and identification phase. The function of convergence phase is to make the adjusted frame quickly converge to an appropriate size. The early frame breaking strategy is embedded in the convergence phase. Numerical results show that the proposed EFB-ACA algorithm outperforms the other methods on efficiency and stability in the error-prone channel. In addition, EFB-ACA algorithm also outperforms the other methods in the error-free channel.
doi:10.1155/2021/4603629 doaj:5130eff5b10747c3b46f0d645350efa6 fatcat:ds76eim4cfc7xps4i6wz6fbraq