The Impact of Infectious Disease Consultation on Clinical Management and Outcome of Patients With Bacteremia in China: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Guangmin Tang, Zhiyong Zong
2016 Open Forum Infectious Diseases  
Background. In China, few hospitals have infectious diseases (ID) physicians who specialized in ID other than viral hepatitis and tuberculosis. Along with the national campaign for rational use of antimicrobial agents in clinical settings in China, the Ministry of Health urged all secondary or tertiary general hospitals to cultivate their ID specialists. However, the impact of the consultation of ID physicians on clinical management and outcomes of patients with ID has not been determined in
more » ... na. We therefore preformed a retrospective analysis on the impact of ID consultation on patients with bacteremia in a large teaching hospital in China. Methods. A retrospective cohort study was performed to examine the outcomes of patients in West China Hospital of Sichuan University, a 5000-bed teaching hospital in China in 2014. Quality measures of management including echocardiography, repeat blood culture, removal of infectious foci, and definitive antibiotic therapy were compared between patients who received the consultation of ID physicians (IDC) who specialized in ID including bacterial, fungal and viral infections and those who received no ID consultation (NIDC). Multivariate Cox-PH regression was used for analysis of mortality and clinical management, the variables selection depends on Stepwise method. Results. Of 995 patients with bacteremia, 421 (42.3%) patients received ID consultation and 574 (57.7%) patients did not. Blood cultures were repeated within 14 days of bacteremia in 310 (73.6%) IDC and 347 (65.2%) NIDC patients (P < .0001). The infectious foci removal rate was not different between the 2 groups. For definitive antibiotic therapy, 400 (95%) IDC and 503 (67.6%) NIDC patients received appropriate antibiotics (P < 0.0001). In hospital, 175 (17.6%) patients died with 121 of 574 (21%) among NIDC and 54 of 421 (12.8%) among IDC patients. By using COX-PH modeling, HR value of IDC group was 0.661 (P = 0.019), providing advantage over NIDC group. Conclusion. Consultation of ID specialists is associated with more appropriate antimicrobial use and reduced mortality among patients with bacteremia in China. Disclosures. All authors: No reported disclosures.
doi:10.1093/ofid/ofw194.110 fatcat:kjkxfftcnfgbdbdbv76djyoste