The DarkSide project

P Agnes, L Agostino, I Albuquerque, T Alexander, Alton, K Risaka,', H B A C K ,', Ie Ry, Bonfini, M Bossa, B Bottino, A Brigatti (+115 others)
Journal of Instrumentation   unpublished
L ig h t D e t e c t io n in N o b le E le m e n ts (LIDINE2015) A u g u s t 28-30, 2015 A lb a n y , NY, U.S.A. A.M. G oretti7 F. Granato/ 'ab L. Grandi,ac M. Gromov,w M. Guan,ad Y. G u ardincerri/ B.R. Hackett,z K. H e rn e r/ E.V. Hungerford,s Al. Ianni,a' 7 An. Ia n n i,'7 1. James,op C. Jollet,a / K. Keeter,ag C.L. K en d zio ra/ V. Kobychev,ah G. Koh,c D. Korablev,aa G. Korga,st A. Kubankin,ai X. Li,c M. Lissia,r P. Lombardi," S. Luitz,a7 Y. Ma,ad I.N. Machulin,ak'a1 A. Mandarano,k'7 S.M.
more » ... Mari,op J. Maricic,z L. Marini,1m C.J. Martoff,ab A. Meregaglia,a / A b s t r a c t : DarkSide is a graded experimental project based on radiopure argon, and is now, and will be, used in direct dark matter searches. The present DarkSide-50 detector, operating at the Gran Sasso National Laboratory, is a dual-phase, 50 kg, liquid argon time-projection-chamber surrounded by an active liquid scintillator veto. It is designed to be background free in 3 years of operation. DS-50 performances, when filled with atmospheric argon, are reported. However DS-50 filled with underground argon, shows impressive reduction of the 39Ar isotope. The application of this powerful technology in a future generation of the DarkSide program is discussed. K e y w o r d s : Time projection Chambers (TPC); Noble liquid detectors (scintillation, ionization, double-phase); Large detector systems for particle and astroparticle physics; Dark Matter detectors (WIMPs, axions, etc.)