Evaluation of the corrosion property on the welded zone of forged steel piston crown with types of filler metals
용접재료별 단강 피스톤 크라운 용접부위의 부식특성에 대한 평가

Kyung-Man Moon, Jong-Pil Won, Myeong-Hoon Lee, Tae-Sil Baek, Jin-Gyeong Kim
2014 Journal of the Korean Society of Marine Engineering  
용접 재료로 SMAW와 GTAW로 용접하였다. 실험은 모재, 열영향부 및 용접금속의 부식 특성을 35% 황산 용액에서 부식전위, 양극분극 곡선, 사이클릭볼타모그램 및 임피던스 등의 전기화학적인 방법으로 하여 고찰하였다. Inconel 625, 718 용접재료의 경우 용접금속의 내식성이 가장 우수하였고, 모재의 내식성이 가장 좋지 않았으며, 반면에 1.25Cr-0.5Mo와 0.5Mo는 모재가 용접금속에 비해서 더 좋은 내식성을 나타 내었다. 또한, 용접금속 중 Inconel 625가 가장 내식성이 우수하였으며, 그 다음으로 Inconel 718 용접재 료로 나타났다. 경도 역시 용접금속이 상대적으로 모재, 열영향부에 비해서 높은 값을 나타내었다. 특히 Inconel 718 용접재료의 경우 다른 용접재료에 비하여 가장 높은 경도값을 나타내었다. Abstract: Since the oil price has been significantly jumped for recent some
more » ... for recent some years, the diesel engine of the merchant ship has been mainly used the heavy oil of low quality. Thus, it has been often exposed to severely corrosive environment more and more because temperature of the exhaust gas in a combustion chamber is getting higher and higher with increasing of using the heavy oil of low quality. As a result, wear and corrosion of most parts surrounded with combustion chamber is more serious compared to the other parts of the engine. Therefore, an optimum weldment for these parts is very important to prolong their lifetime in a economical point of view. In this study, four types of filler metals such as Inconel 625, 718, 1.25Cr-0.5Mo and 0.5Mo were welded with SMAW and GTAW methods in the forged steel which would be generally used with piston crown material. And the corrosion properties of weld metal, heat affected zone and base metal were investigated using electrochemical methods such as measurement of corrosion potential, anodic polarization curves, cyclic voltammogram and im- pedance etc. in 35% H2SO4 solution. The weld metal and base metal exhibited the best and worst corrosion resistance in all cases of filler metals. In particular, the weld metal welded with filler metals of Inconel 718 revealed the best corrosion resistance among the filler metals, and Inconel 625 followed the Inconel 718. Hardness relatively indicated higher value in the weld metal compared to the base metal. Furthermore, Inconel 625 and 718 indicated higher values of hardness compared to 1.25cr-0.5Mo and 0,5Mo filler metals in the weld metal.
doi:10.5916/jkosme.2014.38.4.409 fatcat:or5nxfhyprfd7j2yw4iedritpq