Social System Design and Program Manager's Role

Tametsugu TAKETOMI
2020 Journal of International Association of P2M  
The idea of applying the idea of the system to social problems is based on J. Forester's "Urban Dynamics". Since then, attempts have been made for many years to apply it to the design and structure analysis of largescale social systems and to solve actual problems. In recent years, there has been a movement to design a social system using this system concept and apply it to solving global environmental and energy problems to build a sustainable society. The design comes to life only when this
more » ... sign is embodied and actually used. The management of the program is to take this design as a program, to implement this design, and to manage it so that it can actually be used, but it was originally designed as a social system. It is necessary to think from the point of being able to be considered as a program. Here, the relationship between the social system design and the program, the role of the program manager, how to proceed, problems and countermeasures will be clarified.
doi:10.20702/iappmjour.14.2_184 fatcat:vbqxbd3rsndtlh3qfrrc27eite