Character Recognition Using Neural Network Learned by Artificial Bee Algorithm

Bassim Jumaa, Ayad Naser, Maryam Khalaf
2014 Iraqi Journal for Computers and Informatics  
Character Recognition is the text recognition system that allows hard copies of written or printed text to be renderedinto editable, soft copy versions. In this paper, work has been performed to recognize pattern using multilayer perceptronlearning by Artificial Bee algorithm (ABC) that simulates the intelligent foraging behavior of a honey bee swarm. MultilayerPerceptron (MLP) trained with the standard back propagation (BP) algorithm normally utilizes computationally intensivetraining
more » ... vetraining algorithms. One of the crucial problems with the BP algorithm is that it can sometimes yield the networks withsuboptimal weights because of the presence of many local optima in the solutions space. The suggested method is to use ABC forlearn the Neural Networks, to solve text character recognition problem, by update the Neural Networks weights. A comparisonstudies are made between ABC and BP methods in NN learning to specify which is better in solving character recognitionproblem.
doi:10.25195/ijci.v41i1.96 fatcat:aigx2n7z4zbk3k6pul7xb33a6a