Polarization Tunable Terahertz Metamaterial Absorber

Ben-Xin Wang, Gui-Zhen Wang, Xiang Zhai, Ling-Ling Wang
2015 IEEE Photonics Journal  
Metamaterial-based perfect absorbers have attracted considerable attention due to their potential for practical applications. The existing absorbers, however, are mostly polarization insensitive or only sensitive to one direction, which is inapplicable in some areas. Polarization tunable or high absorption in two orthogonal directions is very useful and necessary. Herein, we present a polarization tunable absorber formed by an asymmetric patch and a dielectric layer on top of a metallic board.
more » ... a metallic board. With this structure, the frequency of the absorber can be tuned by merely changing the polarization of the incident. The tunable mechanism originates from the different length of the patch along the two orthogonal directions. The concept is rather general and applicable to various absorbers, as long as the asymmetric design is valid. The absorber can find practical applications in manipulation of the polarization of the light and detecting waves with specific polarization.
doi:10.1109/jphot.2015.2448718 fatcat:pu6o723muve6pjviz25poih5ii