Advances in Road Infrastructure, both Physical and Digital, for Mixed Vehicle Traffic Flows

Panagiotis Lytrivis, Evdokia Papanikolaou, Angelos Amditis, Martin Dirnwöber, Alexander Froetscher, Robert Protzmann, Werner Rom, Andreas Kerschbaumer
2018 Zenodo  
Over the last years, significant resources have been devoted to developing new automation technologies for vehicles, whereas investment and resources for road infrastructure in general have steadily dwindled. INFRAMIX is preparing the road infrastructure to support the transition period and the coexistence of conventional and automated vehicles. Its main target is to design, upgrade, adapt and test both physical and digital elements of the road infrastructure, ensuring an uninterrupted,
more » ... ble, safe and efficient traffic. Towards this objective different technologies are deployed; mature simulation tools adapted to automated vehicles characteristics, new methods for traffic flow modelling to study the traffic-level influence of different levels of automated vehicles in different penetration rates, traffic estimation and traffic control algorithms. Moreover, ways of informing all types of vehicles about the control commands issued by the road operator and new kind of visual and electronic signals are developed. The project outcomes will be assessed via simulation and in real stretches of advanced highways.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3827503 fatcat:7wamt4iuuraxlkveencjjzcug4