Quark-hadron duality violation in QCD Sum Rules with hadronic \tau data

Martin Gonzalez-Alonso, Antonio Pich, Joaquim Prades
2010 Proceedings of Light Cone 2010: Relativistic Hadronic and Particle Physics — PoS(LC2010)   unpublished
We study the Quark-Hadron Duality Violation in Finite Energy Sum Rules (FESRs) with the LR correlator, through an analysis of the possible high-energy behavior of the LR spectral function, taking into account the experimental hadronic τ-decay data and the known short-distance constraints. We show that the pinched weights allow to determine with precision the dimension six and eight contributions in the Operator-Product Expansion, O 6 = −4.3 +0.9 −0.7 · 10
doi:10.22323/1.119.0036 fatcat:y3lq5f7pevhodm5witat4imr3e