Sample Size Affect Ethnobotanical Index Values: Bootstrap as a Remedial Approach

Gbemavo Dossou Sèblodo Judes Charlemagne, Cachon Fresnel Boris, Lokonon Bruno
2022 Open Journal of Applied Sciences  
Ethnobotanical indices are widely used to quantify cultural importance of plants in social studies. This study aims to show users of ethnobotanical indices the effect of sample variation and what methodological approach can be used to circumvent the problems related to sample variation. The methods used are to write an algorithm and used to simulate different sample sizes from which four ethnobotanic indices selected for the present study were estimated. Results showed the instability of the
more » ... nobotanical indices under variations in the size of informants. It proposes bootstrapping as a statistical aid tool to remove the sample size effect in quantitative ethnobotany. For the indices used in the present study 1000 re-samplings eliminated the effect of sample size on the value of the indices. Researchers will have to take this new approach into account in order to calculate more precise ethnobotanical indices in order to better appreciate the cultural importance of plants.
doi:10.4236/ojapps.2022.1211121 fatcat:5kkchtszqjbp3jrpzehoi67ctu