Investigations of a Gas Turbine Low-Emission Combustor Operating on the Synthesis Gas

Serhiy Serbin, Nataliia Goncharova
2017 International Journal of Chemical Engineering  
Investigations of the working processes in a gas turbine low-emission combustor operating on the synthesis gas, in which the principle of RQL (Rich-Burn, Quick-Mix, and Lean-Burn) combustion technology is realized, have been performed. Selected concept of a gas turbine combustor can provide higher performance and lower emission of nitrogen oxides and demonstrates satisfactory major key parameters. Obtained results and recommendations can be used for the gas turbine combustor operation modes
more » ... operation modes modeling, geometry optimization, and prospective power generation units design and engineering.
doi:10.1155/2017/6146984 fatcat:ws5k3pguwvcdpebwkk23yeizue