Reliability Demonstration Test Method for Electromagnetic Shielding Doorset with a Sub-Unit Subjected to Preventive Replacement
예방교체부품을 가지는 전자파차폐용 문세트의 신뢰성입증시험법

Jung-Hun Shin, Hyo-Kyung Lee, Jin Jang, Do-Sik Kim, Tae-Yeon Nam, Dong-Soo Jung
2014 Transactions of the Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers A  
기호설명 B 100p : 백분위 보증수명 CL : 신뢰수준(confidence level) n : 인증시험 시료 수 p : 불신뢰도 R(t) : 시간 t 까지의 생존확률(=신뢰도) t : 시험 시간 β : 형상모수 η : 척도모수 하첨자 z : 시스템의 무고장(zero-failure) zm : 하위 교체품의 무고장 1. 서 론 전자파차폐용 문세트는 자기 공명 영상(magnetic Abstract: An electromagnetic shielding doorset must satisfy requirements associated with both mechanical strength/durability and electromagnetic shielding. Among the primary components of the doorset, a finger strip-a leaftype spring normally made of beryllium copper-is a core part to
more » ... shield electromagnetic waves as well as to endure repetitive dry sliding friction. This study presented a reliability demonstration test method for the doorset system and, by a simple and simultaneous implementation, of the replacement interval of the finger strip. A rigorous evaluation for the qualification of maintenance or replacement interval is included in the reliability demonstration test of any series system that holds critical maintenance sub-units. § 이 논문은 2014 년도 대한기계학회 신뢰성부문 춘계학술대회
doi:10.3795/ksme-a.2014.38.10.1171 fatcat:i4edineahjbwlg2na7alpdpt74