Market Research on Mini Carrots and Effects of Differences in the Period of Time Required to Cultivate and Planting Density on Yield, Shapes/Sizes, and Quality

Satomi Tanimoto, Housei Hadano, Kuninori Matsunaga, Satoru Motoki
2020 Horticultural Research (Japan)  
To increase the yield performance and profitability of mini carrots, it is necessary to determine the most appropriate planting density. In the present study, a morphological survey of commercially-available mini carrots was conducted for eighteen months across Japan (Study 1) and a reference value for the upper limit of the morphological characteristics for growing and harvesting mini carrots was obtained. A study to compare and examine the characteristics (yield, shapes/sizes, and
more » ... es, and carotene/sugar contents) of mini carrots planted and grown under different conditions was also conducted; the periods of time required for harvest were 70 (conventional), 90, and 110 days and the planting density was 3 (conventional), 6, and 9 rows, i.e., 125,000, 250,000, 375,000 plants・10 a -1 , respectively (Study 2). The mean weight of the underground part and β-carotene/sugar contents of mini carrots planted in 3 rows and harvested after 110 days were significantly larger and higher, respectively. However, there were no significant differences in the weight of the underground part when mini carrots were planted and harvested under other conditions. When carrots were planted in 6 rows, the characteristics of mini carrots, suggested by the results of Study 1, were maintained until 110 days. The longer the period of time required for harvest, the greater the yield and β-carotene/sugar contents. In conclusion, most measured data in terms of yield, shape, and qualities were not affected by the planting density in the case of customized harvesting after 70 days. When the harvesting period was delayed to 90 or 110 days, dense planting in 6 and 9 rows was appropriate to increase yield and qualities without changing the standard shape.
doi:10.2503/hrj.19.381 fatcat:xwyu6thdgrfv3p45tgemgpqkzu