Перспективы применения эвристических методов оптимизации в проектировании радиотехнических и телекоммуникационных устройств и систем

А.В. Смирнов, Московский технологический университет (МИРЭА)
2017 Российский технологический журнал  
A development of radio and telecommunication devices and systems in many cases requires derivation of difficult optimization problems with multimodal goal functions having a rugged fitness landscape. Heuristic optimization methods also called metaheuristics are the efficient means for solving of such problems. In this paper, we consider some examples of Российский технологический журнал 2017 Том 5 № 6 А.В. Смирнов metaheuristics applications: approximation of the filter transfer functions with
more » ... fer functions with simultaneous optimization of amplitude and phase characteristics, optimization of the APSK signal constellations, optimal forming of the OFDM radar pulses, beamforming in the millimeter wave MIMO communication systems. These and many other examples show the preferences of heuristic algorithms: adaptability to the variations of parameter space dimension and objectives, capacity for solving of suboptimal solutions in a relatively short time, capability to solve the multiobjective optimization problems with simultaneous location of a set of Paretooptimal solutions. To actualize these preferences in engineering practice it is necessary to produce manuals, to introduce modern optimization methods in educational programs for corresponding lines and to develop the applicable software for the implementation of such methods.
doi:10.32362/2500-316x-2018-5-6-20-33 fatcat:m37tk2m7s5etzjyyfqidbz3jj4