Use of the TOPSIS technique to choose the best supplier of quarry natural aggregate

Samir Bouhedja, Ahmed Boukhaled, Ahcène Bouhedja, Aissa Benselhoub
2019 Mining of Mineral Deposits  
Purpose. All over the world, natural substancethe most consumed after wateris the aggregate. The aim of this paper is to select the best supplier of Quarry Natural Aggregate (QNA). Methods. Selection of the best supplier of QNA is performed using the TOPSIS (Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution) approach, and the method of weights based on ordinal ranking of criteria, and Lagrange multiplier. Findings. In this article, the proposed Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM)
more » ... ision Making (MCDM) approach helps the decision maker(s) to choose the best supplier of QNA amongst the considered and evaluated suppliers. Originality. During negotiation with suppliers, many are the decision makers which only attach an importance at two criteria (unit price and quality, or unit price and delivery time). Thereby, other criteria are not taken into account. Consequently, supplier selection would become not-efficient. The originality of this work is based on the multi-criteria approach to choose the best supplier of QNA. Practical implications. The efficient choice of the best supplier of QNA represents a practical and economical value for the enterprises of the civil engineering, public works, railway and hydraulic works.
doi:10.33271/mining14.01.011 fatcat:y6ewfyaklrhwxjqpuecuge3vjm