Discriminant Factors of Clinical Competence in New Graduate Nurses

Haejung Lee, Juyoung Ha, Heeyoung Jung, Jihyung Yoo, Youn Wha Shin
2015 International Journal of Nursing & Clinical Practices  
The purpose of this study was to identify the discriminating factors of clinical competence in new graduate nurses. Methods:A self-report survey was conducted with 222 new graduate nurses from 13 general hospitals. The data were collected from August 5 to August 31, 2009. Descriptive and stepwise discriminant analyses were utilized. Results:Nurses were grouped into three groups (GP) by their clinical competence: low competency GP (N=32), medium competency GP (N=140), high competency GP (N=50).
more » ... petency GP (N=50). With three GPs, two functions were produced and only one was significantly discriminating low and high competency GPs. Additional discriminant analysis with only low and high GPs produced the function classified 82.9% of participants correctly into two GPs. Intellectual integrity and truth-seeking dimensions in critical thinking were most significant factors in discriminating high and low competency GP. Conclusion: The study suggests that recruiting nurses with high intellectual integrity, truth-seeking, inquisitiveness, and creativity promise the possibility of having nurses with high clinical competency. Further research is required to remodel work environment and to provide new educational program focusing on intellectual integrity, truth-seeking, inquisitiveness, and creativity to improve nurses' competence.
doi:10.15344/2394-4978/2015/136 fatcat:qyckfezbajgjplpqz2anngrf4m