Selection of the Most Advantageous Gas Turbine Air Filtration System: Comparative Study of Actual Operating Experience

Seyed I. Gilani, Musadaq Z. Mehr
1985 Volume 4: Manufacturing Materials and Metallurgy; Ceramics; Structures and Dynamics; Controls, Diagnostics and Instrumentation; Process Industries; Technology Resources; General   unpublished
This paper discusses relative merits of three types of air filtration systems used by Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Ltd. (Pakistan), on its gas turbine compressor packages. These Filtration systems are: (i) Two stage inertial plus auto oil bath type multi-duty filters by AAF used on Saturn Mark-1 packages manufactured by Solar Turbines Inc. (ii) Three stage high efficiency barrier filters by AAF used on Centaur packages by Solar. (iii) Single stage pulse-jet self-cleaning filter by Donaldson again
more » ... used on a Centaur package. The selection is primarily based on package performance data collected over a 15 month period analyzing power loss due to fouling effects and related operation and maintenance costs for the three systems. The Company's operating experience indicates that on new installations the pulse clean system offers the best advantage both in terms of filtration costs as well as availability of additional horse power when operating under moderate to severe environmental conditions.
doi:10.1115/85-igt-20 fatcat:jhzv6nn55ncohk44ox2rqzfbpm