Dominant interfering alleles define a role for c-Myb in T-cell development

P Badiani, P Corbella, D Kioussis, J Marvel, K Weston
1994 Genes & Development  
The transcription activator c-Myb is expressed at high levels in immature thymocytes and during T-cell activation and may be a regulator of T-cell differentiation. To investigate the role of c-Myb in T-cell development, we generated transgenic mice in which two dominant interfering Myb alleles, one a competitive inhibitor of DNA binding, and the other, an active repressor comprising the Myb DNA-binding domain linked to the Drosophila Engrailed transcription repressor domain, were expressed from
more » ... early times onward in T cells. Both alleles partially blocked thymopoiesis and inhibited proliferation of mature T cells. The Myb-En chimera was the more efficient repressor and might serve as an archetype for the manufacture of other dominant interfering transcription factor alleles. [The c-myb proto-oncogene encodes a DNA-binding tranmain fused to the repressor domain of the Drosophila Engrailed (En) transcription factor. This alanine-rich region is a strong active repressor of transcription (]aynes and O'Farrell 1991; Han and Manley 1993}, and is fur-770 GENES & DEVELOPMENT 8:770-782 -Published by Downloaded from 10.1101/gad.8.7.770 Access the most recent version at doi: 8: 1994, Genes Dev. P Badiani, P Corbella, D Kioussis, et al. development. Dominant interfering alleles define a role for c-Myb in T-cell References
doi:10.1101/gad.8.7.770 pmid:7926766 fatcat:ffoz3punafh6bhtdf2y2epjise