RESEARCH ON THE WALK ENVIRONMENT MAINTENANCE FOR THE AGED : The order of the barrier and how to cope those barriers in the daily going out
高齢者のための歩行環境整備に関する研究 : バリアの序列と日常的外出行動での対処方法

2007 Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ)  
The purpo8e of this research is to grasp the order of d劃 五culty of various ba皿 iers and existence of barriers enoDuntered in dany going out and how to cope those barriers . Theref()r 72 kinds of barrier are extracted from previous literature and each person classil3T them , and continueusly reply to the quetionaires ef daily goi 皿 g out ( existence of barr 孟 ers and how to cope those bar虹er8 ) . The main analysis iterns are as fi } 110ws ; 1 . conciousne8s to barriers 2 . the order of dhe
more » ... order of dhe barriers 3. preseme of barriers in case of going out and the way of oDp 血 g .
doi:10.3130/aija.72.1_1 fatcat:ottt2ikuuvhm7bhvrgv3zalf4q