Desires for security in Filipino-Australian intermarriages : With comparative analyses on Japanese-Filipino intermarriages

Masaaki Satake
Inferring from interviews, questionnaires and focus group discussions, this paper scrutinizes how desires for security are fulfilled. Security is defined as stable and comfortable life for the Filipino and Australian couples in Australia, Situating the Australian-Filipino marriages as growing components of the Filipino community in Australia, this study analyses the demographics and the diverse factors surrounding intermarriages. The four variables covered in the study are: 1) The channel of
more » ... uaintance and rationale for marriage, 2) Government support for marriage migrants, 3) Remittance as a pseud-cultural practice of maintaining kinship, and 4) Retirement plan. The conclusions were drawn from the comparable findings on Japanese men-Filipino women intermarriages in Japan, with the objective of clarifying the peculiarities and similarities in Australian-Filipino intermarriages. This study found that Australian men's and Filipino women's rationale for marriage are analogous with Japanese-Filipino intermarriage counterpart. Here, men's quests for ideal partners point to women expected to be both conservative and play traditional roles. As for women, financial stability is a crucial factor. And, the study found Australia excels as a migrant country in terms of government support. Moreover, similar observations on remittance practices were observed. Finally, the likelihood for couples choosing Australia as retirement place is higher than Japan. Adequate public support and social welfare for elderly make fulfilment of desires for security viable for most of Australian-Filipino couples.
doi:10.15012/00001264 fatcat:t5fjn44vxfblrjrh36fk4nj5nu