Metastasizing breast carcinoma to middle cranial fossa with extensive hyperostosis which occurred 8.5 years after the initial treatment

Mohammad Ali Akbar, Muhammad Kamil, F M Moinuddin, Shingo Fujio, Hirofumi Hirano, Takuichiro Higashi, Junko Kawano, Ikumi Kitazono, Arie Ibrahim, Yuriz Bakhtiar, Thohar Arifin, Zainal Muttaqin (+1 others)
2020 Indonesian Journal of Neurosurgery  
Open access: Introduction: Breast cancer is the second most common primary tumor with brain metastases. Breast cancer metastasizing to the neurocranium can include the skull, dura, or parenchyma of the brain. Skull metastases were most often found in the breast, typically presenting as osteolytic. Case Presentation: A 53-year-old woman with a history of breast cancer surgery 8.5 years before she had a headache , nausea, and right visual disturbance. Neuroimaging studies
more » ... identified a large tumor in the anterior part of the right middle cranial fossa associated with severe hyperostosis of the underlying bones. Intraoperative exposure revealed that the primary tumor site was dura mater of the middle cranial fossa. The tumor has been histologically diagnosed as metastatic breast carcinoma with sphenoid bone invasion. Conclusion: Dural breast cancer metastasis may pose this uncommon characteristic of severe hyperostosis, which should be considered in primary skull tumor differential diagnosis.
doi:10.15562/ijn.v3i3.84 fatcat:2px7updfnnfmtktu6oo72ksoqu