Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of Spinel-type Li4Mn5−xTixO12 Materials

Xin Wu
2018 International Journal of Electrochemical Science  
Cathode materials and anode materials are the focus of current research in lithium ions battery. In this study, Li 4 Mn 5-x Ti x O 12 (x=0-5) powders were prepared by a solid-state method, which calcined from 600°C to 800°C for 10 h. The chemical and physical properties of as-prepared powders had been characterized by XRD and SEM, and shown that the crystal phases of the powders crystallized to the spinel-type structure (Fd-3m). The discharge capacity and cycling performance of Ti-doped Li 4 Mn
more » ... of Ti-doped Li 4 Mn 4.9 Ti 0.1 O 12 cathode material and of Mn-doped Li 4 Ti 4.95 Mn 0.05 O 12 anode material had improved, from the electrochemical measurement. The reason may be due to the metal ions substitution help to stabilize the crystal structure during electrochemical insertion/extraction of Li + . We also discovered that Li 4 Mn 2.5 Ti 2.5 O 12 material was not suitable as anode materials, but still suitable as cathode materials for lithium battery, although its discharge capacity very low. Keywords: Li-ion batteries, Li 4 Mn 5-x Ti x O 12 , anode material, cathode material, electrochemical propertie.
doi:10.20964/2018.06.68 fatcat:p24fikv345ddjmbxiskstwlewa