Erich Bartel, Jörg Surmund, Patrick Connell
2017 Anais do Seminário de Laminação e Conformação   unpublished
The Kocks Rotation Mill -KRM-is an innovative elongation method for seamless tube production up to 4.5" diameter at production levels up to150,000 TPY. Using the principle of cross roll elongation, the machine rotates four rolls around the workpiece. A retained mandrel sets the wall thickness to a precision that exceeds existing industry norms. The KRM process performance has been truly excellent. Attributes include high billet weights, elongation of up to 9.5 in one pass, and eccentricity at
more » ... d eccentricity at or below +/-5.0%. The flexibility of the process allows a wide range of steel grades to be produced at any wall thickness with little or no mill down time. Surface quality and yield are also greatly improved. Based upon the small foot print of the KRM rotor as well as the simple mandrel manipulation system, the installation cost of the KRM is significantly lower compared to other elongation methods. The reasonable cost of the machine, combined with greatly reduced foundation requirements, reduced ceiling height as well as simple utility connections reduce the initial investment for a new or upgraded mill. Finally, lower roll and mandrel costs allow high quality production at greatly reduces cost/ton.
doi:10.5151/1983-4764-26563 fatcat:ncv6wf2gh5hlngl4akcc7g3sla