Verification Method for Accumulative Event Relation of Message Passing Behavior with Process Tree for IoT Systems

Mohd Anuaruddin Bin Ahmadon, Shingo Yamaguchi
2020 Information  
In this paper, we proposed a verification method for the message passing behavior of IoT systems by checking the accumulative event relation of process models. In an IoT system, it is hard to verify the behavior of message passing by only looking at the sequence of packet transmissions recorded in the system log. We proposed a method to extract event relations from the log and check for any minor deviations that exist in the system. Using process mining, we extracted the variation of a normal
more » ... ation of a normal process model from the log. We checked for any deviation that is hard to be detected unless the model is accumulated and stacked over time. Message passing behavior can be verified by comparing the similarity of the process tree model, which represents the execution relation between each message passing event. As a result, we can detect minor deviations such as missing events and perturbed event order with occurrence probability as low as 3%.
doi:10.3390/info11040232 fatcat:qm2f6yn2yzcm3dnmolqjkryxv4