An Unpublished Scottish Lullaby

John Abercromby, Isabella Barclay, Grey Hubert Skipwith, H. Babington Smith, Hugh C. Fairfax-Cholmeley, S. Smith, J. Lewis Andrè, Rosamond Venning, W. H. D. Rouse
1894 Folklore  
An Unpublished Scottish Lullaby.-Not long ago the following lullaby was found by a friend written on the fly-leaf of a book, bearing the date 1801. It was in the thin, sharp-pointed handwriting used by ladies at the beginning of the century, and probably belongs to the end of the last century. Mr. Thomas Davidson, who is so well versed in Scottish folk-lore, to whom I have shewn it, has never seen any thing like it in print, but fancies that it is literary rather than traditional in the strict
more » ... onal in the strict sense. However that may be, it well deserves to be recorded in FOLK-LORE, for the name of " Wullie Moolie", as the appellation of a bogle, booman, or bugbear, must surely be tradi tional, though I am unable to throw any light upon it " The Boomen 1 and Maukins are scourin the steep, The puir wee bit mousie's nae mair at her ease, For the howlet is scrieghin amang the lane trees, But ye'11 sleep my luvelie, Hushe, Hushe and baloo. And I '11 keep the Boomen frae medlin wi' you. Wheesh there, Wullie Moolie, Hushe, Hushe noo my pet, Hear, Hear how he's jinglin the hesp o' the yett, He 11 be here in a jiffie, Hushe, Hushe now my dear, For queyt sleepin babies he winnae come near, Gae 'wa ugly Wullie, my bairnie I'll keep, Ye dinna tak wee yins wha'll cuddle and sleep, Na ! Hushe and baloo babie, Hushe and baloo, There's nae Wullie Moolie sail ever get you." JOHN ABERCROMBY. Scraps of Folklore, collected chiefly in Berkshire." DEATH OMENS. A bat coming into the house is a sign of death. " If the bat pitch on you, you are the one to die." When the bees swarm, if they settle on a piece of dead wood it means a death in the family. ', 1 A common name for a bogle or scarecrow in the Lothians Maukins are witches in the form of hares. Downloaded by [Monash University Library] at 11:26 04 May 2015
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