Rheokinetic study of crosslinking of α,ω-dihydroxy oligo(alkylene maleate)s with a trisisocyanate

Branko Dunjic, Jasna Djonlagic, Slavko Vukasinovic, Maurice Sepulchre, Marie-Odile Sepulchre, Nicolas Spassky
2003 Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society  
The crosslinking reaction of three series of a,w-dihydroxy oligo(alkylene maleate)s with a trifunctional isocyanate was followed by dynamic mechanical analysis and FTIR spectroscopy. The evaluation of rheological parameters, such as storage G' and loss modulus G", was recorded. A typical G' versus time curve has a characteristic "S" shape, indicating autoacceleration of the crosslinking reaction. The whole curing process starting from G'equal G" or the beginning of gelation is described by a
more » ... s described by a secondorder phenomenological rheokinetic equation which takes into account the autoacceleration effect, the latter being a consequence of the superposition of both the chemical reaction and phase segregation. It appears that the crosslinking reaction rate depends on the concentration of the functional groups, i.e., on the molecular weight of the polyester prepolymer and on the length of the aliphatic sequence in the repeating unit or the segmental mobility. The crosslinking rate decreases in the order: poly(octamethylene maleate) > poly(hexamethylene maleate) > poly(butylene maleate).
doi:10.2298/jsc0303147d fatcat:musbkmcrhffwzljljpmusvuaqq