Autonomous Distributed Vehicle-to-Grid for Ubiquitous Power Grid and its Effect as a Spinning Reserve

Yutaka Ota, Haruhito Taniguchi, Tatsuhito Nakajima, K. M. Liyanage, Koichiro Shimizu, Taisuke Masuta, Jumpei Baba, Akihiko Yokoyama
2011 Journal of International Council on Electrical Engineering  
This paper propose an autonomous distributed vehicle-to-grid control scheme of gridconnected (plug-in hybrid) electric vehicle. Grid-friendly charge and discharge maintaining user convenience for plug-out and battery state-of-charge is realized based on frequency measurement at the plug-in terminal. Implementing proposed scheme to automotive power electronics circuit, (plug-in hybrid) electric vehicle works as a smart storage which is an alternative to stationary battery. The smart storage is
more » ... smart storage is expected to be a spinning reserve because of its high-speed response without information exchange to a central load dispatch center. An effect of the autonomous distributed vehicle-to-grid and cooperation with centralized speed governor control and load frequency control of conventional thermal power generator is evaluated.
doi:10.5370/jicee.2011.1.2.214 fatcat:ce7nytkrhrgmpnayq3tsungaji