Data management for component-based embedded real-time systems: The database proxy approach

Andreas Hjertström, Dag Nyström, Mikael Sjödin
2012 Journal of Systems and Software  
We introduce the concept of database proxies intended to mitigate the gap between two disjoint productivity-enhancing techniques: component based software engineering (CBSE) and real-time database management systems (RTDBMS). The two techniques promote opposing design goals and their coexistence is neither obvious nor intuitive. CBSE promotes encapsulation and decoupling of component internals from the component environment, whilst an RTDBMS provide mechanisms for efficient and predictable
more » ... l data sharing. A component with direct access to an RTDBMS is dependent on that specific RTDBMS and may not be useable in an alternative environment. For components to remain encapsulated and reusable, database proxies decouple components from an underlying database residing in the component framework, while providing temporally predictable access to data maintained in a database. Our approach provide access to features such as extensive data modeling tools, predictable access to hard real-time data, dynamic access to soft real-time data using standardized queries and controlled data sharing; thus allowing developers to employ the full potential of both CBSE and an RTDBMS. Our approach primarily targets embedded systems with a subset of functionality with real-time requirements. The implementation results show that the benefits of using proxies do not come at the expense of significant run-time overheads or less accurate timing predictions.
doi:10.1016/j.jss.2011.10.036 fatcat:k4knvfcxlzcx7nchld4mbwdb6i