Evaluation of Dam Break Social Impact Assessments Based on an Improved Variable Fuzzy Set Model

Guanjie He, Junrui Chai, Yuan Qin, Zengguang Xu, Shouyi Li
2020 Water  
In recent years attention has shifted from "dam safety" to "dam risk" due to the high loss characteristics of dam breaks. Despite this, there has been little research on social impact assessments. Variable fuzzy sets (VFSs) are a theoretical system for dealing with uncertainty that are used in many industries. However, the relative membership degree (RMD) calculations required for VFSs are complicated and data can be overlooked. Furthermore, the RMD is highly subjective when dealing with
more » ... tive problems, which can seriously affect the accuracy of the results. This study introduces grey system theory (GST) which analyzes the RMD characteristics to improve traditional VFSs. A new method for calculating the social impact of a dam break is proposed based on the correlation between the core parameters of the two theories. The Liujiatai Reservoir is used as a test case and the new and traditional evaluation methods are compared. The results show that the proposed method has advantages when dealing with uncertainty that are consistent with the characteristics of the problems associated with dam break social impact assessments. Moreover, the evaluation results obtained using the proposed method are consistent with, or more accurate than, those obtained using the traditional method.
doi:10.3390/w12040970 fatcat:5c2vnlmcc5btpps2k3kzpfhari