Морфологические особенности пыльцы «ведьминых мётел» мутационного типа у сосны обыкновенной (Pinus sylvestris L.)

M. S. Yamburov, S. B. Romanova, A. S. Prokopyev
2017 Ukrainian Journal of Ecology  
The comparative study results of pollen morphology of the mutational witches' brooms and the normal part of the tree crown in Scots pine are presented. There is a decrease of pollen grains size, especially the sacci, in witches' brooms. The witches' brooms with more intensive branching have more expressive changes. Also, the witches' brooms have more abnormal pollen grains. The data on the occurrence about 10 anomalous morphotypes of pollen grains are reported, most of that are related to the
more » ... re related to the abnormal development of succi: different size of sacci, deformed sacci, reduced sacci, fused sacci, additional sacci, compress sacci, lack of one or both sacci. A high percentage of anomalies in the sacci development may be associated with less developed reticular sculpture of ectexine in witches' brooms pollen.
doi:10.15421/2017_111 fatcat:imdbtve62zgbvmvwk2vyzkwram