Quantification of left ventricular myocardial collagen system in children, young adults, and the elderly

Andrea Bogoslavsky Levy Mendes, Marcelo Ferro, Bruno Rodrigues, Monica Rodrigues de Souza, Rubens Correa Araujo, Romeu Rodrigues de Souza
2012 Medicina (Buenos Aires)  
Studies on the collagen system of the human myocardium are still limited compared to those on small laboratory animals. The aim of this work was to observe the collagen tissue of the myocardium of the human heart as a function of age. The types of collagen, as well as the density of collagen tissue and the diameter of collagen fibrils, were examined. Fragments of the left ventricular wall from 15 hearts, 5 from children, 5 from young adults, and 5 from elderly individuals, were analyzed by
more » ... the Picrosirius-polarization method and by transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The results showed the presence of collagen type III and collagen type I, both in the endomysium and perimysium of the 3 groups studied. Measurements of collagen content in myocardial tissue displayed that both endomysial and perimysial collagen increase in number and thickness in the adult and elderly. These histochemical results coincided with the observations obtained with the electron microscope in showing an increase in the number of collagen fibrils with a large diameter in the adult and elderly hearts. The present results on cardiac collagen may be important for assessing the pathogenesis of several cardiopathies in the hearts of children, young adults, and the elderly.
pmid:22763158 fatcat:4fazdqfhgvg6pcn362b7yiuyzm