COMPTEL observations of cosmic gamma-ray bursts

C. Winkler, K. Bennett, H. Bloemen, H. de Boer, M. Busetta, W. Collmar, A. Connors, R. Diehl, L. Hanlon, J. W. den Herder, W. Hermsen, M. Kippen (+15 others)
1991 AIP Conference Proceedings  
The imaging 7 -ray telescope COMPTEL on board NASA's Compton Gamma -Ray Observatory (GRO) has observed many cosmic gamma-ray bursts during the early mission phase of GRO. COMPTEL records time-resolved burst spectra over 0.1 MeV to 10 MeV energies, and, for the first time, produces direct single-telescope gamma-ray images (0.8 MeV -30 MeV) of cosmic gamma-ray bursts occurring in its 1 sr field of view.
doi:10.1063/1.42837 fatcat:4lgsk3a7gfahzfc6hin56g2yoe