Morphing Wing Structural Optimization Using Opposite-Based Population-Based Incremental Learning and Multigrid Ground Elements

S. Sleesongsom, S. Bureerat
2015 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
This paper has twin aims. Firstly, a multigrid design approach for optimization of an unconventional morphing wing is proposed. The structural design problem is assigned to optimize wing mass, lift effectiveness, and buckling factor subject to structural safety requirements. Design variables consist of partial topology, nodal positions, and component sizes of a wing internal structure. Such a design process can be accomplished by using multiple resolutions of ground elements, which is called a
more » ... ultigrid approach. Secondly, an opposite-based multiobjective population-based incremental learning (OMPBIL) is proposed for comparison with the original multiobjective population-based incremental learning (MPBIL). Multiobjective design problems with single-grid and multigrid design variables are then posed and tackled by OMPBIL and MPBIL. The results show that using OMPBIL in combination with a multigrid design approach is the best design strategy. OMPBIL is superior to MPBIL since the former provides better population diversity. Aeroelastic trim for an elastic morphing wing is also presented.
doi:10.1155/2015/730626 fatcat:zkckpfetqbdldjfygmfjgsp7j4