Prototype of Image Acquisition and Storage System for SHINE

Huihui Lv, Danping Bai, Xiaomin Liu, Huan Zhao, Schaa, Volker R. W. (Ed.)
Shanghai HIgh repetition rate XFEL aNd Extreme light facility (SHINE) is a quasi-continuous wave hard X-ray free electron laser facility, which is currently under construction. The image acquisition and storage system has been designed to handle a large quantity of image data generated by the beam and X-ray diagnostics system, the laser system, etc. A prototype system with Camera Link cameras has been developed to acquire and to reliably transport data at a throughput of 1000MB/sec. The image
more » ... ta are transferred through ZeroMQ protocol to the storage where the image data and the relevant metadata are archived and made available for user analysis. For high-speed frames of image data storage, optimized schema is identified by comparing and testing four schemas. The image data are written to HDF5 files and the metadata pertaining to the image are stored in NoSQL database. It could deliver up to 1.2GB/sec storage speed. The performances are also contrasted between a stand-alone server and the Lustre file system. And the Lustre could provide a better performance. Details of the image acquisition, transfer, and storage schemas will be described in the paper.
doi:10.18429/jacow-icalepcs2021-webl02 fatcat:uldgtfcx7zdzjmehwz7x32dyy4