2014 Modern Management Review  
The article focuses on the labor market of the Ukraine and the meaning of human resources for economic growth. The article deals with the effect of unemployment, which in the Ukraine is not only part of the market economy, but also the result of specific political and economic factors. The article deals with the content of research labor market on the brink of social, economic and psychological aspects. Proposed methodology which applied to determine the emotional state of the individual and
more » ... e individual and the model of monetary panic on the coverage of mental and emotional mood of social groups or society as a whole. With increasing polarization in society is an urgent social justice and protection of the population and the demand for labor as the main source of income is the primary desire and goal at a time. According to the duality theory of mathematical programming (as a way of balancing the relationship between employers and workers), improving the labor market is a priority task, because according to parameters of official salary and assessment of professional knowledge and skills mathematical problem has not the solution, has no common points. Therefore the national economy should be developed according to economic laws, in spite of existing imbalances in the national economy, the people of the Ukraine deserve adequate assessment of their knowledge and skills and, therefore, have possibility to exercise their moral and material needs. Proved that the most important measure of social-economic policy of Ukraine is the formation of a qualitatively new economy, the basis of which is the humane, rational, efficient use of labor resources. RAISING THE QUESTION Economic growth is the main indicator of development and prosperity of any country, one of the chief macroeconomic objectives. It is essential to achieve accelerated growth of national income compared to the amount of population. Socio-labour relations are the cornerstone of the entire system of relations in the society. Improving utilization of human resources is of strategic importance for further development of the global and national economies. The labour market is the most difficult element of the market economy, which not only links the interests of workers and employers in price for the services provided and working conditions, but also shows the socio-economic changes. The labour market performs both general and specific functions, presents the correlation between supply and demand of labour force and reflects current state of affairs in the industry.
doi:10.7862/rz.2014.mmr.36 fatcat:zdu2agfeanau5aslx3siqdgd7a