Electrical conduction and photoconduction in PtSe2 ultrathin films

Antonio Di Bartolomeo, Francesca Urban, Enver Faella, Alessandro Grillo, Aniello Pelella, Filippo Giubileo
2020 Proceedings of 2nd International Online-Conference on Nanomaterials   unpublished
We report the characterization of back-gated field-effect transistors fabricated using platinum diselenide (PtSe ) ultrathin films as a channel. We perform a detailed study of the electrical conduction as well as of the photoconductivity. From the gate modulation of the channel current, we obtain the signature of p-type semiconducting conduction with carrier mobility of about 30 cm 2 V −1 s −1 . More interestingly, PtSe devices exposed to light, either in air and in vacuum, exhibit negative
more » ... oconductivity, which we explain by a photogating effect due to charge trapping in the gate dielectric and light-induced desorption of adsorbates.
doi:10.3390/iocn2020-07814 fatcat:lzw3zbroenbkrocqzwg7j6abai