The Epidemic at Norfolk and Portsmouth, Va

1855 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
The remarks relative to the management of the disease are valuable, coining as they do from one whose experience has been extensive, and whose qualifications as a physician and writer are well known. -Eds.] According to promise, I shall endeavor to give you a brief sketch of the terrible epidemic that is now devastating this beautiful city. Your worthy colleague, Dr. Beard, and I, arrived here on Saturday evening the 25th August, and were most cordially welcomed, bolh by the medical profession
more » ... medical profession and the citizens generally. We were grieved to learn, however, that the Mayor, Mr. Woodis, was seriously ill wilh the fever, and on the following morning he died. The untimely death of the Mayor caused us some little embarrassment, as our credentials were chiefly addressed to him, but we were assured on all sides that our visit was most opportune, and that our professional services would be most gratefully accepted. We found the remaining inhabitants of both Portsmouth and Norfolk in a state of complete consternation, at the dreadful ravages of the peslilence, and all business was slopped, save that of administering to the sick and burying the dead. We were told that much the greater part of the population had fled from Norfolk after the epidemic was declared, and those who were compelled to remain, lived in continued apprehension of attack. We took up our abode al the National, the only hotel open in Norfolk, and the general rendezvous of both citizens and visitors. We here met with our townsman, Dr. T. Pcnniston, who had come to Virginia, his native State, to spend a pleasant summer, but on hearing the cry of distress that went forth from Norfolk and Portsmouth, he nobly came to the rescue, and was doing everything in his power to relieve the sick. Dr. Stone, too, of our city, had called here for a few days, on his way to the North, and did good service by going round with the resident physicians, and instructing them how to
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