The Development of Using Elevators in Different Buildings

LamisSayed Abdelkader
2019 Journal of Mechanics Engineering and Automation  
Elevators are one of the most important elements of vertical communication used in buildings. Especially in recent times, where high and high rise buildings have become a modern architectural phenomenon and the spread of architecture has become a feature of the age. Hence, the research discusses the technique of installing elevators in buildings. A general introduction to elevators and their types will be discussed, as well as a historical overview of the beginning of the idea of the elevator
more » ... a of the elevator and the first buildings that were used. The technique of installing the elevator inside the building explained with the images shown components elevator. Also it will mention several speeds of modern elevators used in buildings, the world's fastest elevator, ultra-rope technology and the reasons for choosing this technique in elevator components in high-rise buildings which may be used in the space elevator that will connect earth and space. As well it shows features of the wire used in the elevators of the Burj-Khalifa, the highest skyscraper in the world. Then it mentions a number of the most recent and newest elevators in the world, then research results and references.
doi:10.17265/2159-5275/2019.02.005 fatcat:bgrfvwlkh5albbxwkt43dvr3ry