SUMMARIZED: Efficient Framework for Analyzing Multidimensional Process Traces under Edit-distance Constraint [article]

Phuong Nguyen and Vatche Ishakian and Vinod Muthusamy and Aleksander Slominski
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Domains such as scientific workflows and business processes exhibit data models with complex relationships between objects. This relationship is typically represented as sequences, where each data item is annotated with multi-dimensional attributes. There is a need to analyze this data for operational insights. For example, in business processes, users are interested in clustering process traces into smaller subsets to discover less complex process models. This requires expensive computation of
more » ... similarity metrics between sequence-based data. Related work on dimension reduction and embedding methods do not take into account the multi-dimensional attributes of data, and do not address the interpretability of data in the embedding space (i.e., by favoring vector-based representation). In this work, we introduce Summarized, a framework for efficient analysis on sequence-based multi-dimensional data using intuitive and user-controlled summarizations. We introduce summarization schemes that provide tunable trade-offs between the quality and efficiency of analysis tasks and derive an error model for summary-based similarity under an edit-distance constraint. Evaluations using real-world datasets show the effectives of our framework.
arXiv:1905.00983v1 fatcat:dixw656yd5gsxda5gbi5usckli