Three-dimensional mid-infrared photonic circuits in chalcogenide glass

Airán Ródenas, Guillermo Martin, Brahim Arezki, Nickolas Psaila, Gin Jose, Animesh Jha, Lucas Labadie, Pierre Kern, Ajoy Kar, Robert Thomson
2012 Optics Letters  
We report the fabrication of single mode buried channel waveguides for the whole mid-infrared transparency range of chalcogenide sulphide glasses by means of direct laser writing. We have explored the potential of this technology by fabricating a prototype three-dimensional three-beam combiner for future application in stellar interferometry, which delivers a monochromatic interference visibility of 99.89% at 10.6 \mum, and an ultrahigh bandwidth (3-11 \mum) interference visibility of 21.3%.
more » ... se results demonstrate that it is possible to harness the whole transparency range offered by chalcogenide glasses on a single on-chip instrument by means of direct laser writing, a finding that may be of key significance in future technologies such as astrophotonics and biochemical sensing.
doi:10.1364/ol.37.000392 pmid:22297363 fatcat:zx54vlrrzrcbdedyxpuf57dw4a