Transpersonal Gratitude, Emotional Intelligence, Life Contentment, and Mental Health Risk Among Adolescents and Young Adults [post]

Namood E-Sahar
2020 unpublished
World statistics demonstrate that around 970 million people around the globe suffer from mental health problems (Ritchie & Roser, 2019), a major proportion of which comprised of adolescents and young adults (UNODC, 2018). Also, because of increased mental health issues the problems like substance use, suicide, depression, anxiety, and stress are also increasing (Armstrong, 2019; Bandelow & Michaelis, 2015; Ritchie & Roser, 2018; United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime [UNODC],
more » ... Crime [UNODC], 2019). It is thus a dire need to address the issue. The present coneptual paper proposed the role of transpersonal gratitude, emotional intelligence, and life contentment for reducing mental health risk among the adolescents and young adults.
doi:10.20944/preprints202007.0620.v1 fatcat:clk2nm3wzzhntna4ai4wovky74