New data on internal morphology of exceptionally preserved Nannirhynchia pygmaea (Morris, 1847) from the Lusitanian Basin (Brachiopoda, Early Jurassic, Portugal)

M. Schemm-Gregory, M. H. Henriques
2012 Fossil Record  
Pyritized internal moulds of articulated shells of the Early Jurassic brachiopod taxon <i>Nannirhynchia pygmaea</i> were found in beds closely below the early Toarcian oceanic anoxic event in the <i>Polymorphum</i> Zone in Portugal. The material allows a detailed study of the outline of the muscle fields, the length and direction of the crura, and the orientation of the cardinalia, which are hitherto undescribed. Three-dimensional reconstructions of articulated shells of <i>N. pygmaea</i>
more » ... . pygmaea</i> occurring in a single horizon were produced to show the orientation and length of arcuiform crura. The preservation of internal moulds together with the three-dimensional reconstruction of the internal shell morphology allow a more precise description of the internal morphology of this taxon than it is possible with articulated shells and serial sections. <br><br> doi:<a href="" target="_blank">10.1002/mmng.201200005</a>
doi:10.5194/fr-15-77-2012 fatcat:c7ugtmryuvhk3jcy7krd2vengi