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1876 Scientific American  
J,itutifi, �mtri,au+ L A Locomotive Cor Wo rklnll: Steep Gradient s. \ The absorption bands of the most important coloring sub-I aided by exhausting the air. Sohrero macle his experiments An English engineer, Mr. Andrew Handyside, has recentstances lie between C and F; those which lie beyond C require with infusoria of Italian origin which ('an hr. easily made in Iy pate � ted in � ngland an � this a � d sev�ral . other cou�tries a I I sunlight for their study, which is not always t . o be had,
more » ... lways t . o be had, and' to cartridges that will absorh as much US 7;) per cent of locomotive engme for drawmg trams up mclmes. A trial was I hence they are useless. At the request of certam wine dealers weight of nitroglycerin. re�ently made with one of these engines at Bristol, England, .11 Professor Vogel has investigated and published the absorp -: A FAI,J,ACIO U S TEST F OR T,K\ D IN TIN. and t h e r � t wus such as to show that the invention is one
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican05201876-329 fatcat:ieh22spulbakvkkxyulbgegrsm