R Srivastava, Ashish Ambasta
2017 unpublished
Employers worldwide are spending millions of dollars in finding the best reward & incentive systems to bring the extra motivation at workplaces with the belief that more money will mean more happiness and which in turn will mean better performance. In this report we examine if this is at all the case in Indian context. We also wanted to check if there is another way to bring this extra motivation and whether the same can be non-monetary in general or meaning in particular. For the sake of our
more » ... periment we picked up insurance advisors of a private insurance company in India and divided them into two groups. One group was given intensive meaning training and the other group was given sales training. The first group which went through the meaning training was given a diary to write how they felt after their efforts every day. Happiness of these advisors were checked at the beginning of the experiment and also at the end of four weeks. Performance at work place was also checked to see if the heightened awareness of the meaning of the firm and the products they were selling also helped them deliver more to the organization. We also checked if the increase meaning also correlated well with the way people looked at their job with pride and had a sense of happiness or not. Our research proves that indeed, meaning at work is the best tool available and not being used by organizations when it comes to motivate employees to give their best.