Low-Rank Hypergraph Hashing for Large-Scale Remote Sensing Image Retrieval

Jie Kong, Quansen Sun, Mithun Mukherjee, Jaime Lloret
2020 Remote Sensing  
As remote sensing (RS) images increase dramatically, the demand for remote sensing image retrieval (RSIR) is growing, and has received more and more attention. The characteristics of RS images, e.g., large volume, diversity and high complexity, make RSIR more challenging in terms of speed and accuracy. To reduce the retrieval complexity of RSIR, a hashing technique has been widely used for RSIR, mapping high-dimensional data into a low-dimensional Hamming space while preserving the similarity
more » ... ructure of data. In order to improve hashing performance, we propose a new hash learning method, named low-rank hypergraph hashing (LHH), to accomplish for the large-scale RSIR task. First, LHH employs a l2-1 norm to constrain the projection matrix to reduce the noise and redundancy among features. In addition, low-rankness is also imposed on the projection matrix to exploit its global structure. Second, LHH uses hypergraphs to capture the high-order relationship among data, and is very suitable to explore the complex structure of RS images. Finally, an iterative algorithm is developed to generate high-quality hash codes and efficiently solve the proposed optimization problem with a theoretical convergence guarantee. Extensive experiments are conducted on three RS image datasets and one natural image dataset that are publicly available. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed LHH outperforms the existing hashing learning in RSIR tasks.
doi:10.3390/rs12071164 fatcat:bp7naq2h6natxo3nqlor6xzsjm