Parameter estimation for a morphochemical reaction-diffusion model of electrochemical pattern formation

Ivonne Sgura, Amos S. Lawless, Benedetto Bozzini
2018 Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering  
Article Accepted Version Sgura, I., Lawless, A. S. and Bozzini, B. (2019) Parameter estimation for a morphochemical reactiondiffusion model of electrochemical pattern formation. ABSTRACT The process of electrodeposition can be described in terms of a reaction-diffusion PDE system that models the dynamics of the morphology profile and the chemical composition. Here we fit such a model to the different patterns present in a range of electrodeposited and electrochemically modified alloys using PDE
more » ... ed alloys using PDE constrained optimization. Experiments with simulated data show how the parameter space of the model can be divided into zones corresponding to the different physical patterns by examining the structure of an appropriate cost function. We then use real data to demonstrate how numerical optimization of the cost function can allow the model to fit the rich variety of patterns arising in experiments. The computational technique developed provides a potential tool for tuning experimental parameters to produce desired patterns.
doi:10.1080/17415977.2018.1490278 fatcat:sc2dpjxaczffbmfhktnbhq7qsq