A Survey: A Secure DDS [ Data Deduplication Schemes] in Cloud Storage

Smita Yeole, Aradhana Deshmukh, Smita Yeole, P Fellow, Aradhana Deshmukh, Ass Professor
2017 unpublished
Today's cloud storage services are the management of the huge amount of data. So how to manage huge data in cloud storage is big issue. There is one scheme which is solved this issue and this scheme is called as Data Deduplication scheme. In this Data Deduplication scheme cloud server stores only a single copy of redundant data and just provides links to already stored data.In this paper, there is a novel server-side Deduplication scheme for encrypted data. We proposed how to secure Data
more » ... cation with dynamic management ownership. The scheme guarantees data integrity against any tag inconsistency attack. Thus, security is enhanced in the proposed scheme.