Multi-Objective Beam-ACO for Maximising Reliability and Minimising Communication Overhead in the Component Deployment Problem

Dhananjay Thiruvady, Asef Nazari, Aldeida Aleti
2020 Algorithms  
Automated deployment of software components into hardware resources is a highly constrained optimisation problem. Hardware memory limits which components can be deployed into the particular hardware unit. Interacting software components have to be deployed either into the same hardware unit, or connected units. Safety concerns could restrict the deployment of two software components into the same unit. All these constraints hinder the search for high quality solutions that optimise quality
more » ... timise quality attributes, such as reliability and communication overhead. When the optimisation problem is multi-objective, as it is the case when considering reliability and communication overhead, existing methods often fail to produce feasible results. Moreover, this problem can be modelled by bipartite graphs with complicating constraints, but known methods do not scale well under the additional restrictions. In this paper, we develop a novel multi-objective Beam search and ant colony optimisation (Beam-ACO) hybrid method, which uses problem specific bounds derived from communication, co-localisation and memory constraints, to guide the search towards feasibility. We conduct an experimental evaluation on a range of component deployment problem instances with varying levels of difficulty. We find that Beam-ACO guided by the co-localisation constraint is most effective in finding high quality feasible solutions.
doi:10.3390/a13100252 fatcat:5bhr23kb5jbmfbxjfsj45zamnu