Drimia chalumnensis (Hyacinthaceae — Urgineoideae), a new species from Eastern Cape, South Africa

A.P. Dold, E. Brink, J.C. Manning
2004 South African Journal of Botany  
Drimia chalumnensis, a new inconspicuous dwarf species from the Albany Centre of Floristic Endemism in Eastern Cape, South Africa, is restricted to the coastal plains of the Chalumna river in small scattered aggregated colonies on exposed sandstone sheets in pockets of loose sandy soil. It is distinguished by its capitate inflorescence, separate, petiolate bulb scales, and prostrate, coriaceous, linear-lanceolate leaves with cartilaginous margins.
doi:10.1016/s0254-6299(15)30202-7 fatcat:vihrtbgdkzho5ekk2n6tus2lfq